About Zelics

Enabling Affordable and Cost-effective Computing
with ASTER Multiseat Software

Welcome to Zelics, your authorized dealer for ASTER multiseat software in Bangladesh. Our team of passionate individuals is dedicated to making efficient and cost-effective computing accessible to everyone in the country.

Our journey began in January 2021 as ASTER Bangladesh, where we were the first to introduce the revolutionary ASTER multiseat software to the local market. As we grew and expanded our vision, we officially rebranded ourselves to Zelics in 2023, with a greater plan to facilitate accessibility of hardware components optimized for ASTER implementation. Our goal is to create more ASTER workplaces with the lowest cost possible by providing affordable hardware and software solutions to our clients.

At Zelics, we believe that everyone should have access to efficient and cost-effective computing solutions. ASTER multiseat software enables our clients to reduce hardware costs and electricity usage, while also helping to reduce environmental damage caused by discarded hardware. But that's not all - using ASTER can also provide other benefits tailored to specific user needs, such as a low noise level, reduced space requirements, zero network load, improved security, and many more. And since most computer parts and components are imported in Bangladesh, using ASTER can help alleviate pressure on the country's foreign currency reserves.

Our experienced professionals work remotely to ensure seamless delivery of our services. We are passionate about our work and strive to provide the best customer experience possible. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and our vision of accessible computing has earned us a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable partner.

Thank you for choosing Zelics as your authorized dealer for ASTER multiseat software in Bangladesh. We look forward to serving you and helping you achieve your computing goals with our cost-effective solutions.

Business Information

Business Name: Zelics

Trade License Number: TRAD/CHTG/009053/2022

Address: Sabiya Mansion - 2nd floor, Opposite of CEPZ Main Gate, Freeport Circle, EPZ, Chattogram - 4223.

Business Type: IT

Office Number: 01575-103725

Email: info@zelicsbd.com